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Food Boxes


In March 2020, our society was shut down due to COVID-19. At that time we did not imagine the length, challenges, frustrations, sickness and deaths that COVID-19 would have upon our lives. Though there are many areas of our society that have been impacted, we have learned and reacted to one specific area: food security in the Newmarket Heights neighbourhood.


Volunteers from Maple Leaf Public School, residents of Newmarket Heights, and the Newmarket Church of Christ met together to discuss the impact of our societal shutdown upon friends who call Newmarket Heights home. We quickly learned food security was going to be a significant issue.


What Has Been Accomplished

With the help of VanSpall NoFrills, financial donors, volunteers, and a United Way Grant, we helped provide and packed over 450 boxes of food from May-November 2020. In December 2020 the Lions Club of Newmarket generously provided food vouchers and from January 2021 to April 2021 we have continued providing food boxes, to a minimum of 50 families per month. The average cost of groceries in each box provided to families is $50.


As we have evaluated the food box capabilities and the issue of food security in our neighbourhood, the food box program will continue through the summer 2021, and if funds are available, the fall of 2021. We fully expect the need to remain until families are able to gain employment and have affordable housing options. Our goal is to provide a minimum of 50 boxes per month for families struggling with food security.

Moving Forward

With your financial partnership we will work together to build friendships, a safe and welcoming neighbourhood, and will work together to ensure that we can help, as we are able to help, around the issue of food security within the Newmarket Heights neighbourhood and in the neighbourhood surrounding the Newmarket Church of Christ.


To fund the Food Box program until September 2021, we need financial partners who will help provide a food box for our neighbours. Through your generosity and partnership, some of the most at-risk and vulnerable families will be helped. Our goal is to raise an additional $3,000 above and beyond what has been pledged and given in 2021.


If you would like to financially partner with us in providing a food box, two options are available


e-transfers with "FOOD BOXES" noted in the comment section

It is vitally important you include your name and mailing address on e-transfers so we can issue tax receipts.

E-transfers can be sent to

Cheque can be mailed to Newmarket Church of Christ, 230 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2N4. Please make cheques out to "Newmarket Church of Christ" with "FOOD BOXES" marked in the memo section

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