Sharing Life Together

COVID-19 Has Disrupted Us

In a pre-pandemic world we often shared community together through shared meals, communal worship, and friendship. COVID has disrupted these shared practices. We look forward to that day when we can have our chefs Claes and Nicki (and their volunteers) prepare a meal for the neighbourhood to share together. We look forward to that Sunday when we can gather in communal worship and hear the collective voices sing Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We look forward to that day when we can gather as friends.

Until such a time arrives, we are finding unique ways to share community together. It seems our front porches have become places where we can share a coffee together, our communal worship is now a hybrid scenario, via zoom, and we are finding ways to stay connected as friends.

While the above is taking place, we are also finding ways to share community as a neighbourhood. The community gardens will continue through 2021, volunteers from our two neighbourhood schools continue to meet on a monthly basis and pack food boxes for those struggling with food security, and we anticipate the development of a new neighbourhood parkette at the front of the church in the future.

Though COVID-19 has disrupted our recognized ways of sharing community, we believe that this disruption will give rise to new forms of community.

For those wishing to participate in worship with us, please click here and send us an email asking for details. Worship is Sunday @ 10am.