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COVID-19 Has Disrupted Us

COVID has disrupted our communal form of worship. Because we deeply view worship through a participatory lens, we've incorporated the use of zoom into our worship. Zoom has helped us in many different ways, while at the same time has unearthed challenges: such as how do we sing and of course technology issues at times that make our worship seem disjointed.

Despite some challenges, we do our best to gather in worship, read and engage God's living word, gather around a shared table of bread and wine, pray and offer encouragement for one another.


For those wishing to participate in worship with us, "in-person" starts at 10am on Sunday mornings. For those wishing to join, via zoom, please click here and send us an email asking for details concerning how to participate through zoom. Worship is Sunday @ 10am.


Sharing Community

In A Post COVID-19 World

Sharing community and learning to belong is vital to our life as a Christian faith community. As a result, we are very intentional in how we share community with each other and with our neighbours.

Neighbourhood Meals. Most of the time the third Wednesday of each month we share a neighbourhood meal together. Sometimes it's a potluck meal, other times we have individuals cook a main dish and everyone else that is able to brings a side to compliment the meal. These meals are often a place where we can grow in friendship. Meal time is 5:30pm.

Worship. Our worship is designed to be participatory. Through a participatory worship we are able to build community and to belong. We belong to God and each other.

Community Garden. The community garden is a great place for our neighbours to hang out and to share life together. Often times we see the porch on the shed become a meeting place for the neighbourhoood.




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